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System Wide Features

FM Server delivers workflow based FM processes that enable users to manage the complete life-cycle of individual tasks and related assets. For example, reactive or planned maintenance activities.

Highly scalable and flexible, FM Server can be used by organisations with a single building or a portfolio containing thousands of remote properties, and similarly, for a small user base or 1000's of users - enabling secure 24/7 access to data and workflow processes by individual users such as internal managers, engineers, surveyors, help desk and administration staff as well as external contractors, surveyors and others...

System-level features common to all modules include:
  • Highly scalable and robust, system can support 1000s of users
  • Enables 24/7 access for all users (including contractors)
  • Full audit trail for all workflow based modules
  • Comprehensive ‘Online Help’ provides help content relevant to specific users
  • Optimised for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later
  • Built on the latest Microsoft technology; Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server

User Interface

FM Server is designed to be very easy to use and system led so that only the relevant workflow actions and related functionality are displayed at any time, so minimising the user training required for large scale system deployments.

The interface design for each module is based on this principle of simplicity, and where appropriate applies standard navigation conventions, so that use of each module is similar and easy to transfer.
User Interface features include:
  • Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use user interface in all modules
  • MS Outlook style column sort facilities provided in all main screen views
  • Page navigators enable users to scan through many records quickly and easily
  • Colour-coding of status for RM/PPM tasks and data records in each module enables easy identification and prioritization
  • Expandable / collapsible search filters in all modules enable fast and easy searching of 1000s of items to locate individual task and data records
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