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Security Incident Management

Realtime incident management
Real-time incident tracking and management for your security team
The Security Incident Management (SIM) module provides a workflow based process for managing security incidents of any type. Users include any commercial, higher education and other public sector bodies that have a security function or team within their organisation, whether provided internally or by an external contractor.

The core workflow process enables security personnel to create and manage incident records so that an accurate and detailed record of individual security incidents is maintained. Security Managers, Supervisors and other users in the security team have a complete picture of all incidents and resulting activity at all times and can see real-time information about their current status and progression.

The system automatically sends email notifications (and SMS alerts) to defined contacts when a new incident is recorded and individual contact lists can be configured for specific incident types and specific locations defined at building, floor and even room level, so that relevant departmental managers, building managers, facilities managers, health and safety officers and others are always informed.

The Security Incident Management module can be deployed along side other FM Server modules or as a stand alone system.
Automatic alerts and detailed analysis of your security operations

Incident Management and Tracking Reports

Security Managers and Supervisors can can access real-time reports for new and updated incidents modified on any specific day. Security Managers can also generate detailed reports that analyse incident occurrence by any combination of search parameters including: date range, incident category, incident type, crime / non-crime, site, building and current status completed incidents, open incidents (raised, reviewed, accepted).

Security Managers can also analyse incidents and activity in relation to the security guard involved with a particular incident and the supervisor on the related security shift.

The core system includes the following real-time processes and features:
  • The simple system workflow enables incident details to be reviewed by security shift supervisors and security managers and either accepted as complete and accurate accounts or back-staged, requiring the security guard responsible for the original entry to revise the incident details until acceptable
  • Capture incident time, date, and exact location details defined at site, building, floor and room level
  • Pre-defined incident categories and incident type pick lists - provide a very easy data entry process for security personnel
  • Capture all details of security personnel involved in handling the incident and the security guard that raised a particular incident record
  • Capture crime number, issue date and police officer name and number details
  • Trigger automatic email notifications when an incident type requires an insurance officer or agent to be contacted.
  • Trigger automatic email SMS notifications to security managers and predefined contact lists when incidents of a particular type occur in a particular location. Contact lists can include department managers, building managers, facilities managers, health and safety officers and other administrative personnel
  • System also supports SMS transmission of all notifications and alerts using a suitable third party gateway
  • Manage crime and non-crime requests
  • Record the emergency contractor assigned to any emergency repair tasks (e.g. broken windows, doors or structural damage)
  • Transmit automatic email notifications to FM departments and managers providing details of any emergency contractor call outs
  • Create comments entries in any incident record to record communications and dialogue between security personnel in relation to that incident
  • Upload attachment files to incident records including CCTV footage in MPEG and other video formats
  • Escalate and flag incidents that have not been progressed for a defined period
  • Full audit trail records entries and actions
  • Direct integration with FM Server Space Database module enables analysis of incidents by site, building, floor and even room.
  • Generate an incident report for any security incident at any stage in the workflow
  • Generate shift reports for all incidents created during a particular security shift period
Integration with Reactive Maintenance processes (optional):
  • Call emergency contractors from a look up list populated with entries for the selected incident type
  • Integration with the Reactive Maintenance module enables security personnel to record emergency contractor call outs and automatically raise job records in the reactive maintenance system.
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  • Real-time incident tracking and management
  • Provides a permanent database record for all reported incidents
  • Ensures that relevant information is broadcast and/or can be accessed by appropriate personnel
  • Comments facility enables notes to be maintained on any dialogue throughout the life-cycle of any incident record
  • Direct access to management information and comprehensive reports
  • Single database and workflow for tracking and managing all types of security incident
  • Efficiency gains from an integrated information system used by security and other users
  • Automatic email notifications mean that relevant managers and personnel are always informed
  • Detailed records are maintained for related communication and actions taken by security guards, security shift supervisors and security managers
  • Integration with other FM Server modules

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