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Reporting and Administration

The FM Server suite provides two levels of reporting in each module: standard pre-defined management reports and the custom report generation using external reporting tools.

Standard Management Reports

Each module provides standard report templates for users to run specific reports using definable parameters related to data of interest, i.e. date range, site, building, room, contractor, asset, status, risk, etc. Access to each report template is controlled so that they are only visible to users with the requisite permissions and users can export data from a selected report directly in to Microsoft Excel for printing or analysis.

External Reporting Tools

Read-only ODBC access to the SQL database enables Facilities Managers to create direct SQL queries and export data into external reporting tools (e.g. Excel, Access, Crystal Reports).

Additional management reports or external report queries for particular client needs can be implemented at any time.

System Administration

FM Server provides an integrated security model to that a single user account may be granted different access permissions in different modules according to the particular role and responsibilities of the individual user.

Function is provided in each module for administrator users to manage system level data and to configure specified system parameters.

General system administration features include:
  • Full user administration; create, manage and disable individual user accounts
  • Enable users to have different permission levels in different modules
  • Change user permissions without the need to set up new user accounts
  • Enable / disable email alerts for individual users
  • Enable / disable system alerts for all users
  • Enable / disable ‘Auto Approval’ and ‘Escalation’ functions / set number of days
  • Unlock records that have been left open
  • Set field lengths for key data fields
  • Set screen refresh interval for all users
  • Forward new or forgotten login details to a user’s email address
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