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Reactive Maintenance

Real-time workflow processes and access, wherever you are
The FM Server Reactive Maintenance (RM) module provides a workflow based process for managing the complete life-cycle of individual RM requests whether this involves external clients, internal maintenance teams in a Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) or external contractors.

The core workflow process prompts and requires relevant users to update individual RM requests at each step in the process so that others can see real-time information about their current status and progression.

At all times decision makers have a complete picture of all pending, work-in-progress and completed items enabling them to prioritise and manage their workload and resources. The capture of detailed data also enables detailed analysis of maintenance activity, performance and costs by client, individual space, internal resource or contractor, across your entire portfolio.

The core system is optimised to support many client scenarios and includes the following capabilities and features:
  • Continuous workflow for entry, tracking and reporting on RM requests, from maintenance request creation, validation, delegation and contracting through to completion and archiving
  • Permissions based access for clients (designated individuals), estates managers, engineer/surveyors (job owners) and contractors (as necessary)
  • Facility to link job owners to specific sites and buildings or technical disciplines (building, electrical, mechanical)
  • Estates / Maintenance Managers can route requests to internal building services departments, term contractors, non-term contractors and casual labour
  • Analyse activities, costs and contractor performance in detail
  • Facility to request and approve a quote from a contractor before the works can proceed, or to enter an estimated cost for the job
  • Automatic e-mail alerts to notify estates managers and other users when requests / actions are awaiting their attention, including alerts to internal maintenance teams and contractors notifying them of any new job allocation
  • Real time status information, including reports on work-in-progress and completed jobs
  • Pick list facility in new maintenance request form for users to select the fault description from a defined list of “frequently occurring” faults managed by the system administrator
  • Integrated with all other system modules to provide automatic alerts for asbestos items, health and safety information, permits to work and risk assessment details for any location
  • Administration features include controls for automatic escalation of idle requests and automatic email alerts for defined stages in workflow
  • Full audit trail and reports
  • System administrator can modify any detail in any request (except for audit trail) to correct any user errors
  • Contact database enables authorised users to lookup relevant site, building, client and contractor details relating to the selected space or PPM task or RM job record
  • Create and manage separate contractor lists for each works category in administrator defined geographical areas (e.g. county or post code)
  • Designate the floors and individual room spaces occupied by a client company or department using simple rules created for each building
  • Facility to link default and alternate cost codes, cost centres and budgets to specific categories and individual pick list items, so that these fields are pre-populated based on the selections made at the job entry stage
  • Automated Workforce Calendar Management for DLO operatives and dedicated contractors
  • Facility to generate PDF documents "on-the-fly", e.g. Asbestos item details and invoices
As every customer scenario is different, individual deployments can also be customised to meet individual customer requirements.

If you have any particular requirements you would like to discuss please contact us.

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Efficient Maintenance Team Contractor Management
  • Secure access for maintenance teams and contractors to view status and full details of RM jobs assigned to them
  • Internal maintenance teams and contractors can update request records to indicate when a job has been accepted, is being attended, and has been completed
  • Internal maintenance teams and external contractors can submit virtual invoices for related costs such as time and materials
  • Managers can reject virtual invoices and request resubmission by the contractor
  • Managers can reject virtual invoices for works that are incomplete or unsatisfactory
  • Analyse maintenance team and contractor performance using multiple criteria
  • Analyse quotation history for individual and multiple contractors
  • Identify and analyse recurring maintenance issues
Permits to Work Process
  • Permits to work process to request and approve or reject risk assessments and method statements for individual jobs
  • Authorised contractors can create their own templates for all categories of work permit, e.g. Asbestos, Electrical, etc., from which generic or specific risk assessments can be generated for any job
  • Facility to generate PDF Permit to Work documents "on-the-fly" and auto email them to relevant users and contractors
  • A link to the current revision for a Permit to Work is displayed in the job record and a full audit trail is provided for authorised users (and auditors) to view read-only PDF documents of all previous revisions


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