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Catering and Hospitality Management

Realtime ordering and scheduling
Online ordering and scheduling for your catering services
The Catering and Hospitality (CHM) module provides a workflow based process for managing the complete life-cycle of catering and hospitality requests. Users include corporates, conference venues, universities and local authorities - in fact, any corporate or public sector organisations in which catering and hospitality services are provided internally or by an external contractor.

The Catering and Hospitality module can be deployed along side other FM Server modules or as a stand alone system.

Simple Online Ordering

The system enables clients to order catering services through an intuitive, easy to use, electronic catalogue by selecting items from your menu headings and adding them to a conventional shopping cart. An order can include multiple events, where each event is defined by a particular date, start and end times, and a location, specified down to room level. The user simply adds the service items and quantities required for each event and submits their order.

The Microsoft Outlook style calendar interface enables clients to view their scheduled events and filter the items displayed by day, week and working week, month and year. Tool tips display all key information about an event simply by moving your mouse pointer over the calendar entry and clicking on a calendar entry enables users to drill down directly into the full event and order details.

Interactive Order Amendment and Processing

Catering Managers can review each catering request and amend any items that present an issue due to availability or scheduling. They can also propose alternative options. Clients can accept any proposed amendments or submit their own changes until all items are agreed and accepted by the catering department. Automatic email and SMS notifications also advise users in real-time when an order has been confirmed or requires changes. Clients benefit from being able to order and amend services directly, any time and from anywhere.
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Service delivery, status tracking and invoice management

Graphical Drag and Drop Scheduling

The Microsoft Outlook style calendar interface enables catering managers to view and filter scheduled catering activities by location, department using day, week month and year views. The drag and drop calendar features also allow catering managers to amend and re-schedule individual events with ease until the point that an order has been confirmed. For customers that also use the Reactive Maintenance and Planned and Preventative maintenance modules, integration with the core FM Server maintenance calendar allows facilities managers to view and filter scheduled hospitality events along side all scheduled maintenance activities so that everything can be coordinated and potential conflicts avoided.

Detailed Status Tracking and Financial Information

At all times catering managers have a complete picture of all pending, work-in-progress and completed catering requests enabling them to manage their workload and resources. Departmental cost codes details are automatically assigned enabling a detailed analysis of catering activities and costs by client, department and location across your entire portfolio. A detailed history is also maintained in the system audit trail throughout this process including the ability for client users and catering managers to maintain notes on any dialogue.

Internal and External Invoicing

The invoicing process enables catering managers to generate detailed invoice data for services delivered including amendments, discounts and additional charges whether for internal or external clients. Invoice data for completed transactions can also be readily exported in standard CSV or XML format for import into stand alone financial accounting systems.

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  • System supports multiple catering outlets for organisations with multiple sites
  • Client users can be linked to one or more departments
  • Minimum lead times can be defined for individual menu items
  • Minimum quantities can be defined for individual menu items
  • All order history is maintained by user, department and location
  • Processes for internal re-charging and external invoicing
  • Audit trail
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Optional feedback questionnaire for quality assurance monitoring
  • Comments facility enables notes to be maintained on any dialogue with client
  • Standard reports and profitability analysis
  • Generates pro forma PDF delivery notes
  • Browser interface provides clients with direct access and real-time information, from anywhere, at any time
  • Catering managers know exactly what services have been ordered, the location, date, time and client
  • Easy modification and management of complex bookings that link multiple events to a single order
  • Designed for conference and event venues, corporates, universities and other hospitality businesses
  • Ideal for ordering and fulfilment of standard hospitality services as well as catering for large events such as conferences, seminars and residential courses


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